Is California better?

Oh my goodness.  It is painful to realize that it has actually been 5 months since my last posting over here.

What’s even more painful is that I wrote that single line of blog above on Sept 5th, and then got distracted, and 41 days later have returned to finish it.  I am going to be better about my personal blog. I swear. I know you’re already thinking “famous last words”, but it’s true.  I seriously need a place to let go of some of my crazy, and even more so, my sarcasm.  Sometimes I think P just ignores me because he can.  I frequently have broken record syndrome.

I am in LA right now, last day here, and heading back to Nashville via Texas tomorrow where we are meeting up for a wedding.  I plan on writing more when in Nashville since, well, I have the time and a lot of deep, important thoughts to share. In the meantime I’m enjoying this calm day, trying to soak in this gorgeous weather and my last views of the Ocean (yes, capitalized because it feels more important to me that way), before I head back to the middle.  People call Nashville “the third coast”, but they’re just kidding themselves because they’ve never actually lived on a coast.  Of course I think Cali is the best, I’m born and raised, but is it the end all, be all?

One of my friends gave me several back handed compliments about my move to the third coast.  Like when I said how amazing the temperature has been, she says, “oh that’s so great the weather is gorgeous there right now, because in a month it’s gonna suck and be freezing til spring, and then it’ll be even worse in the summer, so enjoy it!” And when I gave her the size of my house it was “oh that’s too big, you’re gonna regret having that much space”.

I guess we’ll just have to see.  Should be an interesting month.


Learning Something New

Marriage is one of those things where you become so close with the other person, that they start to tell you things about yourself that you didn’t even know. Case in point:

Scene: lovely cafe in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Husband: you know how one of your two front teeth is more yellow than the other?

Me: no…

Husband: oh. Never mind.

End scene.

See how much you can learn about yourself when you’re married?
FYI I used whitening strips last night.

Lazy Technology

Can I just tell you how lazy I’ve become.  I wanted to take a quick pic at my desk to put on my computer, so I used my canon camera instead of my iphone (proximity, iphone charging in other room, camera at the desk), and I actually got annoyed with myself because I didn’t want to have to “plug-in” my camera to the computer to upload the picture – using the cord that is already at the desk.  I couldn’t do it wirelessly, and I actually groaned.  Really?  Plus my iphone just “dinged” a text msg so I have to get up anyway.

And last night, I had to actually “print out” my ticket to an event instead of just being allowed to show it on my iphone.  And again, it annoyed me.  And I’m not even a lazy person!  I go out of my way to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  “Yes Paul, we are walking alongside the moving walkway at the airport because we are only lugging 2 suitcases each and a bag on our shoulders and we can handle it”.  See?

And yes, I’m trying the icloud, but my operating system on my Mac is the one before that one.  So while the ipad and iphone are synced, I still have to plug in.

Omg what is happening to us and our technilogically lazy and impatient attitudes.  I remember in college I didn’t want to take my cell phone to class because I thought it was rude.  See how respectful I am?  Well, that lasted freshman year anyway….

I just have to say, thank God gmail lets you log into multiple accounts at once.  ‘Nough said.



I was the fifth wheel on Monday for lunch and it was pretty great.  My sister-in-law and my nephew, my girlfriend and her son, and me.  Fortunately, I have Ike and I was able to bring him along as my “son”, but as soon as I got there he ditched me for the bitch in the back (read: their dog Delilah) and I was quickly the 7th wheel.  That’s okay though.  I was stoked to get some observation time in a real Mommy and Me group, even if it included Pinot Grigio and chocolate covered almonds (a must for my future group).

It was really a fun time, complete with breast feeding, a poop explosion, nursery rhymes on the tube and a second glass of wine for me.  So I made quick plans to do it again next week, as we headed out the door.

We got about 10 mins away when my phone rang.  It was my brother calling, asking if I forgot anything.  I couldn’t think of what…until he said I had a furry friend in his backyard.

And this is why I’m not a mom yet.  Because I left my own son in someone else’s yard.

Good thing he likes babies. Maybe he’ll watch after my first kid.


PS. P totally got off the plane from Nashville that night, only to come home to realize he left something on the plane which I had to go get from lost and found today.  Must run in the family.

Somebody’s Jealous

Wow, it has been quite some time since I’ve written a personal post.  Trying really hard to get those “business” ones out once a week, and I’m sad to say I have had nothing crazy happy lately to blog about personally.  I’m sure that’s not really true, weird shit happens to me all the time, but for now, we’ll say it’s been a lower rate of crazy the past 2 months.

That is why, I have been extremely beyond generous 🙂 and decided to help out my friend with her baby so she can get some work done a few hours a week.  I know, I’ve been told by 4 people that I am crazy, or rather that she is crazy because she is trusting me with a really little baby (10 weeks) and no one seems to think I can do it.  Partly me included.  But it was amazing to see everyone have the same facial expression/reaction when I told them! She’s clearly a pretty relaxed mom.

That said, my own little one (ahem, Ike), has been extremely jealous the past 2 weeks when the babe is over.  He has brought me every single toy to my feet just so I will pay attention to him instead of the baby.  And then he just hovers.  It’s amazing.  He’s learning a very important lesson in sharing.


Hello. Down here! Just sitting under the desk to be as close as possible to the action.


I’ve got my eyes on you….


Holy Moly!

It’s 2013!  It has been one crazy, amazing year, and I thank you for taking the journey with me!

If you would like to continue to do so, please head over to my shiny, new blog,  Apparently, it makes more sense to have the name of your business in the title of your blog.  So I guess that’s what I’m doing.  I’d love for you to follow me over there.  I will be keeping this blog too for my random life and funny things that my husband does (like when he asked me yesterday to bring him his pair of “rugged” brown shoes and I had to take pictures of 6 pairs before I found the right ones he was talking about).  But all weddings and events will be on the new, official, CLD blog.

See you over there!



How to Blog…(huh?)

I struggle with this sucker a lot.  I tend to be a bit of an over-sharer (sorry everyone) and then have to go back and edit…a few times.  Ironic considering I don’t even have a personal FB page because I think no one needs that much info about me.  Huh. Anyway, I love to write. I could write all day because of this annoying stream of conversation that runs through my head all 24 hours.  I should really get up and do a 2am blog one day when I’m up from hearing my dog pace back and forth on the hardwood faux wood floor asking me to let him out, and see what sort of inspiration I get from the late nighter/early-risers…and I digress…

But how to blog (um, successfully?) is really a tricky topic here.  Because no, I am not, and will not, ever be a typical wedding blog.  Insert name of any millions of blogs, here.  Plus they do a pretty darn good job, there doesn’t need to be another them.  I have way too much of my own personal voice involved, so I can’t really fill that niche of everything is beautiful all the time…because everything is not beautiful all the time, or we wouldn’t need help or second opinions.  We all can use a second opinion.  I like the process of making things beautiful as much as the end result.  And while I’m happy to reshare things on pinterest, this is a place for my own “stuff”, no repeats.  So let’s cross that off the list.

And I am not (allowed) to be a big over-sharer, even though I swear sometimes the most bizarre “stuff” happens in my life that I really do feel some people may actually want to know.  Perhaps I could even help someone out.  P-lo disagrees.  But, we already have that in MODG.  Thanks to her for filling that niche.  Plus my husband is nowhere as willing to be up on the plank as B.

Next.  I love to organize and I love DIY and I love crafts so so much…to an extent. But I am not nearly as (your choice):  cheery, excited, talkative, crazy, as my fave organized blogger…and who in the world has enough to say to blog every day.  She does.  And she says a lot let me tell you. Every. Day.  Honestly, I have to skim through a lot of them.  Sorry.  But good work.

So I thought, I could be like my favorite designer (so chic) and only blog when I actually have an event!  The whole minimalist thing, once a month, content, done.  But everyone tells me that’s not the way to blog, and it’s probably true because only super established people can be like “listen to me when I speak. now go away”, and still be rockstars.  That’s her.  We’re friends.  Kinda.

And while I like to think that I am possibly changing the world and making things better for everyone, one blog at a time with my dog on my lap (no really, he helps me brainstorm ideas),

I’m not sure events or organizing can ever be as inspirational as world movements like out and around…okay, sometimes they feel like it, I admit.

So what I’m left with is some opinions and personal stuff–but not too much…some of my own weddings and events–but keeping true to things I work on rather than everyone else’s work…some organization work–but not knocking down any walls…a happy medium of minimalism–but not too much and not little…and some changing the world stuff, obviously.  But does that make a good blog?  And how much text is too much?  Are you even still reading???  Yeah, probably not.

Test. If you made it to the end, reply and send me your favorite blog (besides mine) so I can take a little glimpse into their blogs and gently “borrow” some ideas on how to be a better blogger.  Then tell me why you like it, is it their voice, the thing that they do, what you look for in a blog (like a first date), because that’s the whole point, right?  To get something from a blog and I want to GIVE.  I’m a giver. I look forward to your feedback.

Beautiful North West

Love is a beautiful thing…especially when you’re lucky enough for it to find you the second time around.  That is what happened for Ruby and I was so excited when she asked me to come up to Seattle to help her plan her dream wedding.  Her first wedding, having been in her teens in Vietnam, wasn’t quite what she had always hoped it would be.  Not because she wasn’t in love, but because she was so young and didn’t know what life would bring.

This time around, she wanted a totally “American” wedding and wanted to incorporate every tradition she could for herself and her groom!  We made sure to get everything checked off her list, even when I had to explain to her what “something blue” meant and what a garter was.  Ruby was up for anything and was quite a delight in her mermaid dress, higher than high shoes and flowers galore.

I had such a fun time flying up and feeling a bit of fall.  The skies managed to hold back rain long enough for us to get some gorgeous water-front pictures.

Wedding Planner: Christina Logan Design

Venue: The Woodmark Hotel, Seattle WA

Photographer: Jillian Rose Photography

Flowers: Distinctive Designs Florist, Anna Brandt

that glow

I need to start with sharing that I love kids.  Think they’re adorable, love goofing around with them, j’adore my two beautiful nephews.  That said, I am terrified of pregnancy and then, being a mom.  I think the whole thing is totally alien and very animalistic which makes me feel like I’m a female dog, and it creeps me out to think that something is actually growing inside of someone.  And then after that little terrifying part of actually having the child, I know I am going to be the “bad guy”.  I remember my mom saying she was the bad guy a million times growing up and I dutifully rolled my eyes.  And now, it’s payback.  I am doomed.  I train my dog with the same discipline that I plan on training  raising my children (though I probably shouldn’t pin them down just to prove I’m alpha), and I know they are going to hate me for it and dad is going to be way more fun.

However, when I look at people like this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, mama to be, it all seems to have a purpose.  I mean, do you see that glow?!  It was hard for me to even choose a few to share because I loved them so much.  Jillian is just radiating and I felt so lucky that she trusted me enough to ask me to take some of her ridiculously beautiful maternity pics (since she couldn’t do it herself) just a month before she is ready to meet her little man.  So I guess it all must totally be worth it.  We’ll see what she says when she reports back on her sleepless first few months and she has the urge to pin the little dude.


The other side.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday and got to do a complete roll reversal.  Normally I love to be involved in the planning process in any possible form, but this time, I got to sit back and relax.  Why?  Because this mama to be has more friends and loved ones than anyone I know.  Seriously.  I think within 1 month of announcing she was pregnant about 5 people said they wanted to throw her a baby shower.    I was a little late when I started asking how I could help when she was “only” 5 months along, not knowing that it was well in the works!

That said, there were about 7 people already involved in making this shower a success.  Doesn’t hurt that one of her bff’s is an awesome florist, Tenley Erin Young and she has a storage room full of decor that is drool worthy.  I was thrilled when one of the ladies asked me to make a guest book and table tents – done.  So when the soon-to-be-mama Jillian, a photographer, asked if we could go early to help set up, I almost smacked her!  Knowing that meant she would also want to take pictures (and that I have a very hard time sitting still), I decided to take on the job myself, not allowing her to do a thing but chat, open presents, and eat *ahem* four cupcakes (okay, they were mini ones!).

Since Jill and her husband Corey have already named their baby boy, Myers, I decided to make his monogram for the wall and have everyone sign it.  This way all of the couple’s friends and family would be looking over the baby every day.  I took these simple letters from Michael’s (the phone shows the size to scale).

Then I chose a few different simple easy to paint patterns for the letters.  The shower was green and grey colors, so I opted for a fun chartreuse.

Then I made a little sign and asked the guests to sign away!   

And wha-la!


All set for the baby’s new room 🙂  Enjoy the rest of the beautiful shower!