Is California better?

Oh my goodness.  It is painful to realize that it has actually been 5 months since my last posting over here.

What’s even more painful is that I wrote that single line of blog above on Sept 5th, and then got distracted, and 41 days later have returned to finish it.  I am going to be better about my personal blog. I swear. I know you’re already thinking “famous last words”, but it’s true.  I seriously need a place to let go of some of my crazy, and even more so, my sarcasm.  Sometimes I think P just ignores me because he can.  I frequently have broken record syndrome.

I am in LA right now, last day here, and heading back to Nashville via Texas tomorrow where we are meeting up for a wedding.  I plan on writing more when in Nashville since, well, I have the time and a lot of deep, important thoughts to share. In the meantime I’m enjoying this calm day, trying to soak in this gorgeous weather and my last views of the Ocean (yes, capitalized because it feels more important to me that way), before I head back to the middle.  People call Nashville “the third coast”, but they’re just kidding themselves because they’ve never actually lived on a coast.  Of course I think Cali is the best, I’m born and raised, but is it the end all, be all?

One of my friends gave me several back handed compliments about my move to the third coast.  Like when I said how amazing the temperature has been, she says, “oh that’s so great the weather is gorgeous there right now, because in a month it’s gonna suck and be freezing til spring, and then it’ll be even worse in the summer, so enjoy it!” And when I gave her the size of my house it was “oh that’s too big, you’re gonna regret having that much space”.

I guess we’ll just have to see.  Should be an interesting month.


Somebody’s Jealous

Wow, it has been quite some time since I’ve written a personal post.  Trying really hard to get those “business” ones out once a week, and I’m sad to say I have had nothing crazy happy lately to blog about personally.  I’m sure that’s not really true, weird shit happens to me all the time, but for now, we’ll say it’s been a lower rate of crazy the past 2 months.

That is why, I have been extremely beyond generous 🙂 and decided to help out my friend with her baby so she can get some work done a few hours a week.  I know, I’ve been told by 4 people that I am crazy, or rather that she is crazy because she is trusting me with a really little baby (10 weeks) and no one seems to think I can do it.  Partly me included.  But it was amazing to see everyone have the same facial expression/reaction when I told them! She’s clearly a pretty relaxed mom.

That said, my own little one (ahem, Ike), has been extremely jealous the past 2 weeks when the babe is over.  He has brought me every single toy to my feet just so I will pay attention to him instead of the baby.  And then he just hovers.  It’s amazing.  He’s learning a very important lesson in sharing.


Hello. Down here! Just sitting under the desk to be as close as possible to the action.


I’ve got my eyes on you….


that glow

I need to start with sharing that I love kids.  Think they’re adorable, love goofing around with them, j’adore my two beautiful nephews.  That said, I am terrified of pregnancy and then, being a mom.  I think the whole thing is totally alien and very animalistic which makes me feel like I’m a female dog, and it creeps me out to think that something is actually growing inside of someone.  And then after that little terrifying part of actually having the child, I know I am going to be the “bad guy”.  I remember my mom saying she was the bad guy a million times growing up and I dutifully rolled my eyes.  And now, it’s payback.  I am doomed.  I train my dog with the same discipline that I plan on training  raising my children (though I probably shouldn’t pin them down just to prove I’m alpha), and I know they are going to hate me for it and dad is going to be way more fun.

However, when I look at people like this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, mama to be, it all seems to have a purpose.  I mean, do you see that glow?!  It was hard for me to even choose a few to share because I loved them so much.  Jillian is just radiating and I felt so lucky that she trusted me enough to ask me to take some of her ridiculously beautiful maternity pics (since she couldn’t do it herself) just a month before she is ready to meet her little man.  So I guess it all must totally be worth it.  We’ll see what she says when she reports back on her sleepless first few months and she has the urge to pin the little dude.


how long is too long?

This is a much important topic that crosses my mind on a bi-monthly basis and I feel should be addressed. I know it crosses the minds of many women and I feel that we should discuss this together. I’m talking about hair length.  I always see these women with gorgeous long hair with an effortless wave or curl.  Their part is just that perfect mix of slightly off but right on.  And I think how I desperately want that same look for myself because then I will look just like them.  Right.

This is exactly what I would look like.


So I decide to grow out my hair to as long as possible because I know it looks so much better curled this way and it will fall to the perfect length.  The problem ensues in this: I then a) have no clue how to properly curl my hair, and b) have no time to curl my hair on a daily basis. So my hair ends up just looking long and flat and my layers get longer because I can’t have short layers or I’ll look like I have a mullet, and that’s not good for anyone.

And then a second concern comes in mind.  I am a firm believer that there is an age cut-off where you are just too old to have long hair.  I’m sorry, it is a rare woman that can pull it off.  And no, I’m not really talking about celebs because they can defy all odds, I’m talking about regular people like me and (likely) you (except my girl Gwyn, she reads my posts sometimes).  So I say this as I’m approaching my big 3-0 and wondering if the below-the-chest long hair is just a little too long for my age. But every time I cut my hair to above the chest, I have massive regrets and start all over again growing it out fighting my hair dresser when I say I just need a “trim”.  Like even this pic on my blog I feel like it looks like I have short hair, and I feel all weird about it.

So, I guess what I’m saying is I need some thoughts and opinions on how long is too long and what is the appropriate age to give it the chop.  I mean, I’m not saying crazy chin length here, but you know, shorter.