how long is too long?

This is a much important topic that crosses my mind on a bi-monthly basis and I feel should be addressed. I know it crosses the minds of many women and I feel that we should discuss this together. I’m talking about hair length.  I always see these women with gorgeous long hair with an effortless wave or curl.  Their part is just that perfect mix of slightly off but right on.  And I think how I desperately want that same look for myself because then I will look just like them.  Right.

This is exactly what I would look like.


So I decide to grow out my hair to as long as possible because I know it looks so much better curled this way and it will fall to the perfect length.  The problem ensues in this: I then a) have no clue how to properly curl my hair, and b) have no time to curl my hair on a daily basis. So my hair ends up just looking long and flat and my layers get longer because I can’t have short layers or I’ll look like I have a mullet, and that’s not good for anyone.

And then a second concern comes in mind.  I am a firm believer that there is an age cut-off where you are just too old to have long hair.  I’m sorry, it is a rare woman that can pull it off.  And no, I’m not really talking about celebs because they can defy all odds, I’m talking about regular people like me and (likely) you (except my girl Gwyn, she reads my posts sometimes).  So I say this as I’m approaching my big 3-0 and wondering if the below-the-chest long hair is just a little too long for my age. But every time I cut my hair to above the chest, I have massive regrets and start all over again growing it out fighting my hair dresser when I say I just need a “trim”.  Like even this pic on my blog I feel like it looks like I have short hair, and I feel all weird about it.

So, I guess what I’m saying is I need some thoughts and opinions on how long is too long and what is the appropriate age to give it the chop.  I mean, I’m not saying crazy chin length here, but you know, shorter.


Sweet Somis Love!

I’m not gonna lie.  I’d never even heard of Somis, CA when I got the call one afternoon from Michele, mother of the groom.  Not that that would stop me in a million years from heading their way, so I set out for a sweet little town just beyond Camarillo where there were beautiful farms, rolling hills and the gorgeous Julie about to wed her beloved Jared.

The wedding took place in the mother of the groom’s backyard which was right on a golf course (yes, my husband is drooling). Talk about a house to dream for with a backyard that was built nothing short of an entertainer’s haven (and then I began to drool!).  I couldn’t have been more excited to meet Michele and learn all about her past as an event planner.  She did an amazing job with this wedding and asked me to step in to follow through with her vision.  I mean, she actually worked on Brad and Jen’s wedding – as in the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.  Ridiculous.

The day was full of tatooed men (yup, Jared is a tattoo artist) and sweet little ladies, and home made DIY flare that transformed the countryclub pool area into another world.  Thanks to a lot of hard workers, this wedding turned out beautifully.

Event Coordinator: Christina Logan Design

Photographer: Stacey Millet Photography

Flowers: Michele Craft & helpers

Lighting: Brite Star Lighting

Venue: Somis Country Club


Katie & Kyle, Santa Barbara Beauty!

It is just over a month since the gorgeous nuptials of Katie and Kyle Jones!  We had so much fun at La Cumbre Country Club for this perfect Santa Barbara fall day.

I absolutely adore Katie and Kyle.  Katie and I even went to USC at the same time, I just wish I’d known her when we were there, because she is hysterical and intelligent and quite the catch! Kyle, pay attention!

Katie chose gorgeous soft periwinkle, blue and peach as her colors, and boy did they pop against her gorgeous lace gown!  So happy to have been a part of it all!

Venue: La Cumbre Country Club

Wedding Coordinator: Christina Logan Design

Photography: Jillian Rose Photography

Flowers: Stella Bloom Flowers

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Jon, Kara & Caroline

Now this was one happy union that I could not have been more thrilled to be a part of.  Not only did Kara find the love of her life, Jon, but she got lucky enough that he came with a  gorgeous daughter Caroline – and the three could not be more beautiful together.  From the moment I met these three, I knew I would fall in love with them too.  The joy is so thick it is tangible, and everyone at this 200 person affair could feel it in the air!

What’s even crazier…before the rehearsal as we are unloading their SUV of endless fun decor items, I turn to my left and was startled to be looking at a familiar face. One of my very favorite teachers from the 5th grade, Mr. Robak was there.  Turns out, Kara’s brother married Mr. Robak’s daughter!  After a good laugh he says that I can officially call him Glenn, but we’ll see about that.  And their family gets even greater and greater!

Enjoy these ridiculously gorgeous photos and tell me you don’t feel love leaping from the page.

Venue: Malibu & Vine

Event Coordinator: Christina Logan Design

Photographer: Zoom Theory Photography

Flowers: Stems with Katie Daniell

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Mariam & Gilbert – Santa Barbara Four Seasons

When I was a Junior in college I was studying abroad in Spain.  It was the best experience of my life and there is very little I would have changed.  One of those things: missing my cousin Colleen’s wedding.  She was older and so beautiful and had the cutest boyfriend and had told me about her fairy-tale ideas… I was just so bummed to be missing out.  The wedding was to be held at The Biltmore Santa Barbara – today, known as the Four Seasons Resort Santa Barbara.

Needless to say, I was elated to be asked to help Mariam & Gilbert with their big day up in SB!  I was finally going to be able to attend the wedding that I wanted to see all along…except I guess this time I would be working it.  I didn’t mind!

This wedding was so over the top gorgeous and flowing with whites and elegance.  The flowers were insane, the champagne was flowing, class was everywhere.  I was so happy to be a part of such a beautiful couple’s big day!

Thanks to the Ballow’s!

Venue: Four Seasons, Santa Barbara

Event Coordination: Christina Logan Design

Photography: Melissa Musgrove Photography

Flowers: Cody Florals

Lighting: Ambient Event Design

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I’m still here…

Oh my goodness, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written.  But it’s a good thing, I promise.  It’s because I’ve been incredibly busy, going crazy, working all day and into the evenings about 6 or 7 days a week.  I haven’t had the time for much else, and my own google reader is exploding full of my blogs I follow waiting to be read. I even had this grand scheme to do my top five ridiculous things that happened to me this summer (hit and run by a 99 year old man, anyone??), but now it looks like it’s October, so that idea has come and gone.

I’m a little bit to the top of my sanity on this (and almost lost it yesterday when after two hours of editing I lost all my work), but a few good breaks are helping me through it all.  And of course then there’s Ike who looks at me with pitiful eyes reminding me to pay him attention or let him out to go to the bathroom that forces me to remember to take a break. And then in a few months when I’m bored out of my mind in February, I will be wishing I was this busy again.

But for now, while I have a few AMAZING wedding photos that I’ve gotten back from the past few months, instead I am going to show you just a little bit of my Home in Harmony work that I’m so proud of!!

I spent a week working on the library/office at Fran’s house…if anyone is looking for a Real Estate Agent, she is the queen of the Palisades!  I even got to take a break with her and go for a ride to a $7.9 million property that was for sale – ahem, and it was a tear down.  Needless to say, it was a highlight for me since I more frequent the other side of the Palisades.  But the amount of books and works this woman has is amazing…we just got to go through every single one by re-categorizing the books by genre, frequency used, sentimental value and visibility.  We also cleaned out all the many cabinets, switched around and organized all of her marketing materials for work, organized her endless beautiful stationary, office supplies, gift wrapping station and re-formatted the layout for her assistant’s desk.  Did I mention that we also donated  20 bags of books to the LA hospital?

The pics are just the afters…sorry, they’re not even the best, I didn’t have much time to get what I really wanted, but you get an idea!

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And the other two bits of work that I have gotten to work on are two websites for two extraordinary and accomplished men.  I think just about 97% of the guys I know would kill to work for them, as they have touched on some pretty phenomenal scenes in the sports arena. Paul and I were asked to help them build a personal/business site and this is what we came up with.  The first is for a small business and the second is for a bio/resume.

Take a look: 

I promise to be posting some pretty wedding stuff next!!!!

Thanks for all the support and referrals, you guys rock!

Bumble Bees and Babies!

We are going through some sort of crazy heat wave over here in LA!  Because it is hotter than heck, and someone actually used the word “humid” yesterday, which is a rarity over here.  It’s as though the summer is protesting to being over and I am not going to complain about it!  You know, those perfect nights where it’s warm out at midnight and you don’t even need a jacket on but feel perfect in a sundress.  We were dancing away to Dave Matthew’s Band concert last night and I couldn’t have asked for a better time!

Another even more memorable occasion this weekend was the sweet and chic shower for Kate yesterday at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.  It was a gorgeous afternoon on the outdoor patio of Culina Restaurant, and the laughter and baby bumps were out in full force (her BFF who threw the shower was also pregnant!).  Since Kate decided to not know the sex of the baby, it was a beautifully subtle bumble bee theme.  After all, it’s pretty hard to make the Four Seasons look any better than it already does!

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Malibu in June!

I am so thrilled to FINALLY get to show off these pictures of the beautiful Mr. and Mrs. McColl who were married on June 2nd at Malibu & Vine!  I had so much fun in the whirlwind of wedding planning with Betsy & Dan.  They hired me only a month before the wedding, so it was crunch time and we had a lot on our plates!  But when you see these two so madly in love here, you can tell it was so much fun to help them with all the little details. Trust me, these pics were worth the wait!  Michael + Anna Costa Photography shoot only in film (when was the last time you heard that!), so while it may take a little longer to get the photos back, you can just see the magic that happens behind the camera.  Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics and congrats again to the happy couple!

Wedding Planning: Christina Logan Design

Venue: Malibu & Vine at Malibu Country Club

Photography: Michael + Anna Costa Photography

Flowers: Tina’s Flowers

Cake & Desserts: Susie’s Cakes

Make-up: Lauren Feist

Hair: Canyon Salon

Dress: Mon Amie

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Office love!

We just got back from New York Sunday, and I am thrilled to say that two days later my headache from a four day buzz has finally stopped.  Turns out, the key to a kick-ass trip from Cali to NY is to not adjust to the time difference.  So staying out until 3.30am is no big deal because it’s really 12.30.  And eating a 10 pm dinner is a piece of cake because it’s only 7pm.  I really think that I could make the move if I had to.  I just couldn’t have to be up before 11am is the only thing.  Other than that, I’m golden.  Oh yeah, and my liver and my wallet.  They may have both suffered a little as well.

Not to be forgotten, possibly the highlight of the trip was being invited to Gwyn’s apartment for drinks.  Well, she’s upstairs (maybe) and I’m across the street with a margarita, but that’s just details.

And back to regular life, I have been working on organizing a few offices lately, but it was SOO much fun when I got to go decorate Paul’s new office!  We had a blast choosing the furniture pieces, buying new frames, selecting paint colors and cleaning up his file cabinets (he loved that part), and it came out quite beautifully!  So here is what we had to work with:


My favorite aspects: the wall frame I made out of all his credentials, getting his guitars up on the wall so they’re not just stored in a closet, and the really cool coffee table that let us put four of his records out for display, rather than in at stack on a shelf with the rest of them.  We went with a simple light blue color on two of the walls for a little dimension, but tried to keep everything else simple and neat for a classy and cool look!

The only thing we’re thinking of adding are these cool cassette wall decals by the left side of his desk… but we decided to wait a minute before adding too much stuff and doing overkill!  Oh, and working on getting him a tv from the 20th century that’s not enormous!  Because we all have TV’s in our office…

June Seattle Wedding

With Seattle weather, you never know what you’re going to get!  Okay, well that’s not exactly true.  You pretty much assume you’re gonna get rain, and become overjoyed when the clouds part and a little piece of sunshine heads your way.  Nothing could be more true of my trip to Seattle in June for the gorgeous wedding of Gabriela & Keith Northrup!

With showers all day before the wedding, miracles sent the sun and blue skies our way just hours before the wedding was to begin.  The bride was glowing, the groom was full of emotion and the bridesmaids had on gorgeous green to match the beautiful greenery surroundings. The wedding took place at the bride’s former high school where her father was the headmaster.  Going into retirement at the close of the 2012 school year, it was an emotional and unforgettable event for everyone!

Wedding Planning & Design: Christina Logan Design

Venue: Overlake School, Redmond WA

Flowers: Distinctive Design Florist

Catering: City Catering Company

DJ: Sean Antonius

Photographer: Rita Hill Photography and Christina Logan

Stationary: Capture Creative Affairs

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