I was the fifth wheel on Monday for lunch and it was pretty great.  My sister-in-law and my nephew, my girlfriend and her son, and me.  Fortunately, I have Ike and I was able to bring him along as my “son”, but as soon as I got there he ditched me for the bitch in the back (read: their dog Delilah) and I was quickly the 7th wheel.  That’s okay though.  I was stoked to get some observation time in a real Mommy and Me group, even if it included Pinot Grigio and chocolate covered almonds (a must for my future group).

It was really a fun time, complete with breast feeding, a poop explosion, nursery rhymes on the tube and a second glass of wine for me.  So I made quick plans to do it again next week, as we headed out the door.

We got about 10 mins away when my phone rang.  It was my brother calling, asking if I forgot anything.  I couldn’t think of what…until he said I had a furry friend in his backyard.

And this is why I’m not a mom yet.  Because I left my own son in someone else’s yard.

Good thing he likes babies. Maybe he’ll watch after my first kid.


PS. P totally got off the plane from Nashville that night, only to come home to realize he left something on the plane which I had to go get from lost and found today.  Must run in the family.


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