Lazy Technology

Can I just tell you how lazy I’ve become.  I wanted to take a quick pic at my desk to put on my computer, so I used my canon camera instead of my iphone (proximity, iphone charging in other room, camera at the desk), and I actually got annoyed with myself because I didn’t want to have to “plug-in” my camera to the computer to upload the picture – using the cord that is already at the desk.  I couldn’t do it wirelessly, and I actually groaned.  Really?  Plus my iphone just “dinged” a text msg so I have to get up anyway.

And last night, I had to actually “print out” my ticket to an event instead of just being allowed to show it on my iphone.  And again, it annoyed me.  And I’m not even a lazy person!  I go out of my way to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  “Yes Paul, we are walking alongside the moving walkway at the airport because we are only lugging 2 suitcases each and a bag on our shoulders and we can handle it”.  See?

And yes, I’m trying the icloud, but my operating system on my Mac is the one before that one.  So while the ipad and iphone are synced, I still have to plug in.

Omg what is happening to us and our technilogically lazy and impatient attitudes.  I remember in college I didn’t want to take my cell phone to class because I thought it was rude.  See how respectful I am?  Well, that lasted freshman year anyway….

I just have to say, thank God gmail lets you log into multiple accounts at once.  ‘Nough said.



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