How to Blog…(huh?)

I struggle with this sucker a lot.  I tend to be a bit of an over-sharer (sorry everyone) and then have to go back and edit…a few times.  Ironic considering I don’t even have a personal FB page because I think no one needs that much info about me.  Huh. Anyway, I love to write. I could write all day because of this annoying stream of conversation that runs through my head all 24 hours.  I should really get up and do a 2am blog one day when I’m up from hearing my dog pace back and forth on the hardwood faux wood floor asking me to let him out, and see what sort of inspiration I get from the late nighter/early-risers…and I digress…

But how to blog (um, successfully?) is really a tricky topic here.  Because no, I am not, and will not, ever be a typical wedding blog.  Insert name of any millions of blogs, here.  Plus they do a pretty darn good job, there doesn’t need to be another them.  I have way too much of my own personal voice involved, so I can’t really fill that niche of everything is beautiful all the time…because everything is not beautiful all the time, or we wouldn’t need help or second opinions.  We all can use a second opinion.  I like the process of making things beautiful as much as the end result.  And while I’m happy to reshare things on pinterest, this is a place for my own “stuff”, no repeats.  So let’s cross that off the list.

And I am not (allowed) to be a big over-sharer, even though I swear sometimes the most bizarre “stuff” happens in my life that I really do feel some people may actually want to know.  Perhaps I could even help someone out.  P-lo disagrees.  But, we already have that in MODG.  Thanks to her for filling that niche.  Plus my husband is nowhere as willing to be up on the plank as B.

Next.  I love to organize and I love DIY and I love crafts so so much…to an extent. But I am not nearly as (your choice):  cheery, excited, talkative, crazy, as my fave organized blogger…and who in the world has enough to say to blog every day.  She does.  And she says a lot let me tell you. Every. Day.  Honestly, I have to skim through a lot of them.  Sorry.  But good work.

So I thought, I could be like my favorite designer (so chic) and only blog when I actually have an event!  The whole minimalist thing, once a month, content, done.  But everyone tells me that’s not the way to blog, and it’s probably true because only super established people can be like “listen to me when I speak. now go away”, and still be rockstars.  That’s her.  We’re friends.  Kinda.

And while I like to think that I am possibly changing the world and making things better for everyone, one blog at a time with my dog on my lap (no really, he helps me brainstorm ideas),

I’m not sure events or organizing can ever be as inspirational as world movements like out and around…okay, sometimes they feel like it, I admit.

So what I’m left with is some opinions and personal stuff–but not too much…some of my own weddings and events–but keeping true to things I work on rather than everyone else’s work…some organization work–but not knocking down any walls…a happy medium of minimalism–but not too much and not little…and some changing the world stuff, obviously.  But does that make a good blog?  And how much text is too much?  Are you even still reading???  Yeah, probably not.

Test. If you made it to the end, reply and send me your favorite blog (besides mine) so I can take a little glimpse into their blogs and gently “borrow” some ideas on how to be a better blogger.  Then tell me why you like it, is it their voice, the thing that they do, what you look for in a blog (like a first date), because that’s the whole point, right?  To get something from a blog and I want to GIVE.  I’m a giver. I look forward to your feedback.


2 thoughts on “How to Blog…(huh?)

  1. When I blog, it’s because I want to…forcing it isn’t my style. but that said, I blog about anything and everything and that’s my purpose. perhaps you should return to the reason you started your blog…

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