Is California better?

Oh my goodness.  It is painful to realize that it has actually been 5 months since my last posting over here.

What’s even more painful is that I wrote that single line of blog above on Sept 5th, and then got distracted, and 41 days later have returned to finish it.  I am going to be better about my personal blog. I swear. I know you’re already thinking “famous last words”, but it’s true.  I seriously need a place to let go of some of my crazy, and even more so, my sarcasm.  Sometimes I think P just ignores me because he can.  I frequently have broken record syndrome.

I am in LA right now, last day here, and heading back to Nashville via Texas tomorrow where we are meeting up for a wedding.  I plan on writing more when in Nashville since, well, I have the time and a lot of deep, important thoughts to share. In the meantime I’m enjoying this calm day, trying to soak in this gorgeous weather and my last views of the Ocean (yes, capitalized because it feels more important to me that way), before I head back to the middle.  People call Nashville “the third coast”, but they’re just kidding themselves because they’ve never actually lived on a coast.  Of course I think Cali is the best, I’m born and raised, but is it the end all, be all?

One of my friends gave me several back handed compliments about my move to the third coast.  Like when I said how amazing the temperature has been, she says, “oh that’s so great the weather is gorgeous there right now, because in a month it’s gonna suck and be freezing til spring, and then it’ll be even worse in the summer, so enjoy it!” And when I gave her the size of my house it was “oh that’s too big, you’re gonna regret having that much space”.

I guess we’ll just have to see.  Should be an interesting month.


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