how long is too long?

This is a much important topic that crosses my mind on a bi-monthly basis and I feel should be addressed. I know it crosses the minds of many women and I feel that we should discuss this together. I’m talking about hair length.  I always see these women with gorgeous long hair with an effortless wave or curl.  Their part is just that perfect mix of slightly off but right on.  And I think how I desperately want that same look for myself because then I will look just like them.  Right.

This is exactly what I would look like.


So I decide to grow out my hair to as long as possible because I know it looks so much better curled this way and it will fall to the perfect length.  The problem ensues in this: I then a) have no clue how to properly curl my hair, and b) have no time to curl my hair on a daily basis. So my hair ends up just looking long and flat and my layers get longer because I can’t have short layers or I’ll look like I have a mullet, and that’s not good for anyone.

And then a second concern comes in mind.  I am a firm believer that there is an age cut-off where you are just too old to have long hair.  I’m sorry, it is a rare woman that can pull it off.  And no, I’m not really talking about celebs because they can defy all odds, I’m talking about regular people like me and (likely) you (except my girl Gwyn, she reads my posts sometimes).  So I say this as I’m approaching my big 3-0 and wondering if the below-the-chest long hair is just a little too long for my age. But every time I cut my hair to above the chest, I have massive regrets and start all over again growing it out fighting my hair dresser when I say I just need a “trim”.  Like even this pic on my blog I feel like it looks like I have short hair, and I feel all weird about it.

So, I guess what I’m saying is I need some thoughts and opinions on how long is too long and what is the appropriate age to give it the chop.  I mean, I’m not saying crazy chin length here, but you know, shorter.


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