I’m still here…

Oh my goodness, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written.  But it’s a good thing, I promise.  It’s because I’ve been incredibly busy, going crazy, working all day and into the evenings about 6 or 7 days a week.  I haven’t had the time for much else, and my own google reader is exploding full of my blogs I follow waiting to be read. I even had this grand scheme to do my top five ridiculous things that happened to me this summer (hit and run by a 99 year old man, anyone??), but now it looks like it’s October, so that idea has come and gone.

I’m a little bit to the top of my sanity on this (and almost lost it yesterday when after two hours of editing I lost all my work), but a few good breaks are helping me through it all.  And of course then there’s Ike who looks at me with pitiful eyes reminding me to pay him attention or let him out to go to the bathroom that forces me to remember to take a break. And then in a few months when I’m bored out of my mind in February, I will be wishing I was this busy again.

But for now, while I have a few AMAZING wedding photos that I’ve gotten back from the past few months, instead I am going to show you just a little bit of my Home in Harmony work that I’m so proud of!!

I spent a week working on the library/office at Fran’s house…if anyone is looking for a Real Estate Agent, she is the queen of the Palisades!  I even got to take a break with her and go for a ride to a $7.9 million property that was for sale – ahem, and it was a tear down.  Needless to say, it was a highlight for me since I more frequent the other side of the Palisades.  But the amount of books and works this woman has is amazing…we just got to go through every single one by re-categorizing the books by genre, frequency used, sentimental value and visibility.  We also cleaned out all the many cabinets, switched around and organized all of her marketing materials for work, organized her endless beautiful stationary, office supplies, gift wrapping station and re-formatted the layout for her assistant’s desk.  Did I mention that we also donated  20 bags of books to the LA hospital?

The pics are just the afters…sorry, they’re not even the best, I didn’t have much time to get what I really wanted, but you get an idea!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the other two bits of work that I have gotten to work on are two websites for two extraordinary and accomplished men.  I think just about 97% of the guys I know would kill to work for them, as they have touched on some pretty phenomenal scenes in the sports arena. Paul and I were asked to help them build a personal/business site and this is what we came up with.  The first is for a small business and the second is for a bio/resume.

Take a look:



I promise to be posting some pretty wedding stuff next!!!!

Thanks for all the support and referrals, you guys rock!


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