Office love!

We just got back from New York Sunday, and I am thrilled to say that two days later my headache from a four day buzz has finally stopped.  Turns out, the key to a kick-ass trip from Cali to NY is to not adjust to the time difference.  So staying out until 3.30am is no big deal because it’s really 12.30.  And eating a 10 pm dinner is a piece of cake because it’s only 7pm.  I really think that I could make the move if I had to.  I just couldn’t have to be up before 11am is the only thing.  Other than that, I’m golden.  Oh yeah, and my liver and my wallet.  They may have both suffered a little as well.

Not to be forgotten, possibly the highlight of the trip was being invited to Gwyn’s apartment for drinks.  Well, she’s upstairs (maybe) and I’m across the street with a margarita, but that’s just details.

And back to regular life, I have been working on organizing a few offices lately, but it was SOO much fun when I got to go decorate Paul’s new office!  We had a blast choosing the furniture pieces, buying new frames, selecting paint colors and cleaning up his file cabinets (he loved that part), and it came out quite beautifully!  So here is what we had to work with:


My favorite aspects: the wall frame I made out of all his credentials, getting his guitars up on the wall so they’re not just stored in a closet, and the really cool coffee table that let us put four of his records out for display, rather than in at stack on a shelf with the rest of them.  We went with a simple light blue color on two of the walls for a little dimension, but tried to keep everything else simple and neat for a classy and cool look!

The only thing we’re thinking of adding are these cool cassette wall decals by the left side of his desk… but we decided to wait a minute before adding too much stuff and doing overkill!  Oh, and working on getting him a tv from the 20th century that’s not enormous!  Because we all have TV’s in our office…


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