Creating new habits

There are a few things that I’m trying to make into my daily/weekly agenda.  They are:
1. eating breakfast
2. practicing rosetta stone for spanish
3. practicing photography

I’m getting good at breakfast, making a frittata for the week so I don’t actually have to make breakfast in the morning.  The second two have been a little trickier.  I don’t know why either.  You know when you have something you really want to learn or do or make or be good at, and then you just don’t do it?  It’s like dieting.  You soooo desperately want the result, that sometimes you just don’t want to put in the leg work to get there?  It’s like “oh, it would be awesome to speak french fluently!”, and then you realize that that means you have to actually learn something.  Forget it.  It’s hard to break a daily happy and routine and add something else in there when we all already have so much stuff to do.

Nonetheless, I was determined to practice both photography and rosetta stone last week when I was in Mexico, and I think I did a decent job!  I did Rosetta stone 3 times and just talked to my dad – that always makes me feel like my spanish is pretty good since he is a gringo mexican-wannabe. And I took the camera out whenever there was something worthy of shooting… hence the huge day out on the golf course!  But all of these are unedited photos (obviously I deleted the reeeeally bad ones) because my iphoto editor isn’t working.  So yes, I’m aware the lighting is not perfect, but considering all these were shot on Manual, I am mighty proud!  Now hopefully my “teacher” won’t think they suck when she sees them…  Obviously the one photo I’m in I didn’t take, but the view is so pretty I had to be in one!

And those of you who want the epilogue of this story… I haven’t practiced either since… :/


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