Office Make-over

I FINALLY have pictures of the office I was asked to make-over!  It was a lot of fun (for me) and a little bit painful (for Kristine), but we got through it and the hard work paid off!  I was so lucky because she totally trusted me to do pretty much whatever I wanted!

I started by selling the desks and knew I had limited time that her husband would be willing to function without it, so I had to get my move-on. Down to the nitty gritty, on craigslist, ikea, staples and michaels I found what I needed!  And I am pleased to say that everyone was very happy with the outcome.  It is now a welcoming place to walk into rather than an overwhelming place to avoid.

Enjoy the before and after pictures!!

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4 thoughts on “Office Make-over

  1. Who knew you were so creative and clever! I knew you could have kept your room at home better! love you! mom

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