Is Newlywed-dom over?

I’ve been dealing with this debate, where little things happen to me that I kinda want to share but aren’t really blog worthy in their own right. So, I keep skipping them and thinking I’ll lump a few together, but then I completely forget what they are by the time I have a new one.  Plus, I am horrible at reading super long blogs (sorry guys), so I don’t want to torture anyone, but I don’t want to blog a million small things.  I’m not sure what’s worse for my 5 readers: frequency or length.  Feel free to let me know what you’re more likely to read.  Because as much as I like to think my blog is all about Paul, it’s also about what keeps you interested.

So this week we’re looking at frequency.

Let’s kick it off with P-dizzle.  We were so lucky to share our first wedding anniversary this past Monday!  Paul bought me the biggest and best wishing flower ever.  Better than any dandelion wish-wannabe I’ve ever seen. When I walked into the apartment on Wednesday I actually said “holy shit” out loud because I was so surprised by my massive arrangement he made for me.

We also had a romantic dinner where we had sushi and tried caviar for the first time***, hiked to the hollywood sign (Ike got a little pooped from the heat) and went to circ du soleil.  Katy Perry almost ruined our night by blocking off Hollywood Blvd for an impromptu concert, but we got through it.  (I think Paul wants to block out of his memory my panic attack when I was sardined between sweaty KP fans screaming “Part of Me”)

It was true romance and love and blissful memories of us a year ago on wedding honeymoon. The elation carried me over to yesterday buying Paul all his needs at CVS.  I bought the wrong mouthwash (he likes the kind without alcohol, fyi) so he asked for the receipt.  I said it was likely in recycling.  He said he found it.  Then an hour I went back into the kitchen.

And the honeymoon was over.  True guy, he went through the recycling, left it on the floor and left the cabinets open.  When I told him, he just laughed.  Hysterical.


***if you haven’t yet heard the caviar and egg story, I will post it because it is one of my favorite Paul stories.


4 thoughts on “Is Newlywed-dom over?

  1. I love reading both short and long blogs. It makes me happy to receive the notice that you’ve posted no matter what the size or topic you have chosen to write about!

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