WordPress and Facebook and Twitter, Oh My!

And pinterest and Rosetta Stone.  But that’s separate.

I feel like social media is starting to rule my life.  And by rule, I mean it is something that I entirely neglect but am consistently reminded that I need to keep doing and therefore I break out into a nervous sweat as to where to post what.

I actually went to a Tweet Event last Thursday.  It was quite the new thing for me, seeing a bunch of people sitting on a gorgeous balcony in lavish seating with delicious food and fabulous company, all staring at their phones so they could tweet about it.  It was actually fun, because I liked the people I met… but I did a horrible job tweeting.  I tweeted once and forgot to even hash tag (?) the Four Seasons.  I just kinda said their name.  Not the same thing it turns out…I did manage to get one pic of Jill and me!

And then I was thinking, well maybe I should facebook that I’m at the event because more people see my facebook and I know I’m a horrible tweeter…but I’m really not certain of the etiquette here.  How late is too late to facebook something?  Is it for in the now?  Or could I say “last week I did this?”.  And then now it’s Monday and I went to an event Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and I haven’t told anyone about all of them and I feel like I’m not fulfilling my duty as an event planner if I don’t TELL SOMEONE that I’m doing all these things!

Saturday’s event was thrown by OK! magazine and it was at the gorgeous Casa del Mar on Santa Monica Beach… but the only people who would care are my mom and my aunts because I did a workout class on the beach with the chick from Dancing with the Stars, Kim Johnson.  This is exactly what she looked like.  Okay, not really, but I’m trying to up my male readers.

And then I think how on FB and Twitter you can’t write very much, so maybe I really should just blog about it all because I can show more pictures…and then I realize I don’t think I have enough material to blog and I’m all over the charts and I haven’t uploaded the right pictures and Paul hasn’t done anything stupid lately (well, there’s always something) so really, what am I gonna write about?

Oh, and I went to a bridal event at Ventanas in Manhattan Beach with Amanda.  I think I posted that on facebook though…

Social media analysis paralysis.

So what do I do.  I pin pretty pictures of homes that I would like to have one day on pinterest and am desperately trying to stick to a regimen about Rosetta Stone, and even that I can’t seem to find time for.

And to answer the looming question, I have absolutely no clue what I spend 70% of my day doing that I can’t find a minute to tweet about it.  But before I know it, it’s tomorrow.  Seriously, I was going to blog about this on Friday.  Whoops.


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