Little girl dreams

When I show people photos of me from my past, there is usually about an 8 year gap that I try and avoid.  The chubbiness, the bangs that started halfway back my head, the glasses…. the gems of my youth go on and on.

My family took a trip to Mexico when I was eight or so, and we stumbled upon a photo booth.  The great kind where you chose a theme, put on a little costume and they changed the backdrop for you.  Wa-la, you are on the cover of a magazine.  So of course we partake.  My oldest brother choose Guitar World, and wears a silver jacket while holding a fake guitar.  My middle brother chooses Tennis World, holds a racket and a ridiculous grin.  I choose Modern Bride.

Really?  Modern Bride? I was eight!  I even remember getting home from the trip and regretting my decision because I decided it wasn’t really believable.  No shit.  But there I was, an awkward Modern Bride in a hat and long sleeve half dress and it was already on the wall at home.  Oh the wall.

Finally, the day has come where I love the insight that my eight year old me must’ve known somewhere deep within.  It is today when I actually did grace the cover of a bridal magazine.  Fortunately, the bangs are gone along with the hat and my awkward youth.  Thank god for that.  Thanks to my fairly handsome co-cover star my hubby and of course to our photographer Jillian Rose and Destination I Do magazine! I’m okay framing this cover 😉



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