Is it already Friday?

You know those weeks that go by so fast because so much has happened, but you still can’t believe the week is over because SO MUCH has happened?!

That is me this week.

Between returning The Beast (our fond name of our Buick rental), selling my pretty little TT, negotiating with dealerships, getting a new car, meeting some new brides, getting excited for some soon-to-be-married brides and chatting it up with new bff JC Chasez (yes, you have it right, as in N’Sync’s JC Chasez – my high school dreams a reality), it is really Friday morning.











And I haven’t even mentioned the most excited news!  I know, what can beat JC, right?!  Well, besides when I met the love of my elementary/junior high years JTT, the one and only Jonathan Taylor Thomas…. *sigh*.  Unfortunately that ruined my tween dreams and I wished we hadn’t met because I was as tall as him and he was sadly thinner than me.  Nice guy though.

It was an exciting week as Destination I Do decided to feature my wedding!  Check out the link to see our post!  So exciting to be on such a great blog 🙂  Especially as two of our friends are getting married this very weekend in Riviera Maya, Mexico!  We wish Jeff and Stephanie the best of luck and so greatly wish we could be there to see their dream destination wedding!


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