Glimpse into the future

I had a glimpse into the future.  This didn’t take place in my dreams and it’s not about my career or my fate.  It took place in an Enterprise parking lot.  As my audi tt is in the shop getting buffed out thanks to Primetime Shuttle (please ban them as a company), I am handed the keys to a “comparable” car, by Josh, my agent, who has just moved back to LA after a break-up with his girlfriend in South Carolina.  He is planning on going back to the gym to get back into shape now that he has time.

We enter the lot and he says, “I hope you find this car okay, it is the best we have here right now.”  Never having been given such high service from a rental car company, I usually end up with a ford focus and can’t wait to get my car back.  I look across the lot and spot the beast.  A Buick Enclave.  A mom-car.

I’m not sure how this car is “comparable” to my minature tt, but I just shrug and say okay.  With fully leather interior, I can fit 8 people in the car and even have a camera that shows in my rear view mirror when I’m in reverse.  The smooth mahogany wheel reminds me of when I used to drive my own mom’s lexus.  Now, all I need is a few kids and some soccer balls.  I actually drove a 10 year old to an ortho appt this afternoon.  The car made it feel right.

It has been a fun change, kinda like I’m on a vacation from my car.  I’m up so high that I catch myself looking down on the pitiful Range Rovers.  I glimpsed out my window on PCH and saw some adorable blonde girls making goofy faces so I made one back… then I saw their blond dad with a tan and a smile… and thought, “holy shit, that’s Ricky Schroder”.  Yup, Ricky and I are both driving our kids around on PCH.  Just another day as a mom in LA.  Too bad I’ll be getting my audi back tomorrow… but I don’t think I’ll mind, at least for the next 5 years….


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