QT with family!

It was an awesome week at the Logan’s.  Starting out with a visit from Paul’s grandma and aunt from Louisiana.  It was a close call when Mimi almost had a panic attack because the restaurant we went to didn’t serve vodka.  Thank goodness for liquor stores bc P had to beeline a few blocks away to pick up some airplane bottles of Ciroc!

And then a visit from my parents for Easter weekend.  Paul was pretty upset that he was in AZ for the weekend while my parents came to visit (even though we all know it’s just bc he wanted to play golf with my dad).  He kept asking them to put off their trip for another weekend but I had to remind him that Jesus only rose from the dead one day, not just any weekend that was convenient for a visit.  Fortunately he was able to change his flight home to make it by lunch and to watch the end of the Master’s tournament… more golf in case you’re not in the know.

Alas, we got to see my brother, sister-in-law and fave niece, and Paul and I hosted our first Easter Dinner… that my dad bbq’d.  It’s a start.  It was a leg of lamb for God’s sake, it was huge, we didn’t know what to do!

And, lastly and most importantly, I finished my very first cable-knit sweater… for Ike.  His Easter best! He was feeling shy and didn’t want to look at the camera.



One thought on “QT with family!

  1. We had a fabulous 4 days with my favorite daughter! Said because I have only one! She was a great hostess. We had a wonderful time with Matthew, Kate, Chase and of course our favorite son-in-law, Paul. Any of them can cook and have us for the holidays anytime! love to all, mom

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