I win.

It has been a busy week back after an AMAZING week in cabo!  Paul and my dad were in the golf tournament The Hole Enchilada, so I was forced to participate in zip lining, whale watching, cooking classes, swimming with dolphins, overeating and spa time to keep myself occupied with my mom.  It was tough.  The best part though, was that Paul got enough crap great goodies in his gift bag to keep him occupied and out of Roger Dunn’s Golf Shop for at least two weeks (except for the Monday we got back, he had to make a quick stop through).  And my rockstar golfer husband got “closest to the pin” on one hole, and won three new golf clubs.  Also awesome because they were FREE.  We love free, esp when it comes to golf.  Less money on golf = more money on fun things.

And a close call for the biggest highlight of my week was a text I received from Paul while he’s in Louisianna (world traveler, I know).  Do you remember when we went to Riviera for the golf tournament and he got a ball from Luke Donald and he was wearing that horrible blue polo?  You don’t?  Okay, here it is again…
Yeah, pretty bad.  I made my bearded husband throw away that horrible shirt, arguing that he has probably had it since high school as it was clearly naturally distressed and faded.  He claimed that was the “style” and that he could continue to wear it.  I won out on this topic, but it was a battle.  Well folks, here’s the text last night:

I win.  That is a moment I had to show everyone because he HATES it when I’m right.  I love it.  It’s also safe to say he prob bought the shirt in 1999 but that photo was just from 2001.

Okay, enjoy some current pics from Cabo in new clothes.


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