And you wonder why I love her…

Gwyn that is.  My girl Gwyn and I bond over a lot.  For example, she had chef Jose Andres over for an impromptu dinner the other night, I happened to go to his restaurant on my birthday.  She is married to a rockstar.  My husband is a rockstar works in music.  She studied abroad in Spain, studied abroad in Spain.  We are like sisters.  The list goes on and on, but I hate to brag, so we’ll leave it at that.


And that is why I am forwarding you her spring chic blog because she just looks so ridiculous in all these gorgeous clothes that I figured I should share in case you foolishly don’t subscribe to her blog (not to mention you’re reading my blog over hers… so there really is a problem).  Plus we virtually would look like twins in these clothes, so I figured rather than doing my own model shoot, I’d just send you hers and you could picture me in them.

Goop – get Enjoy!!



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