Blonde vs Brunette: Observations

So I’m a little bummed that I can’t post videos.  I don’t know why, I see other people do it. I just can’t make it work.  Which means you guys are going to miss out big time on our little concert experience last Thursday.  And of course my pictures stink, so really, you’re just gonna have to believe me that it was awesome, and you can come over whenever you want to watch it on my computer.  By appt. only, obviously.

On to more important topics.  Hair.

As some of you now know, I am a brunette.  I have been blonde my entire life.  Enhanced blonde, if you will, but even my Jan (my hair lady) says I’m the darkest blonde before being considered a brunette.  I’ll take it.

All in all, the maintenance was getting a little much (despite being a natural blonde). So I went dark.

aah blonde!

brunette's not all bad....

And in this process, I have made some discoveries.  I have always thought that people treat you differently as a brunette, but it has been SO interesting to see it in action.

Case in point: I was at a club (weird, I know) and was waiting in line for the bathroom.  A fight broke out between these girls – a group of brunettes vs one blonde.  I was unclear on why said fight began or which side started it, but once the blonde finally got out of there (thanks security!) the brunette’s started bashing ALL blondes!  We’ll leave out some of the expletives, but all blondes according to them were awful.  I just thanked God that I’d become a brunette three weeks earlier.

And I leave you with this because as I flee the country next week, I have to do some deep thinking.  Blonde or Brunette.  Okay so maybe I didn’t save enough in 3 months of low maintenance hair to buy a mansion, but it may have been enough time in general… or maybe I just let the sun do it’s thing and lighten, since it’s already much lighter than when I died it dark brown.

Thoughts?  Opinions? Suggestions?  I’m up for it…..


4 thoughts on “Blonde vs Brunette: Observations

  1. First off, video posting: WordPress has this thing where you have to buy more space to upload your video content directly into your blog dashboard. Luckily you can get around this by signing yourself up for a free YouTube account, uploading your video content there, then linking to it directly through a hyperlink. If you need some help you FaceTime me, yeah? 😀

    As for hair, I’ve tried every natural color thus far and there are a bunch of different opinions about it all. Mom likes the blonde (but not bleach blonde, that was interesting/fun) best, my friends the red, and I was rather partial to the brunette-black. Depended on my mood really. I think Mom was just happy that I was doing crazy stuff to my hair instead of running out for a tattoo LOL

    I guess I’m not much use on the whole Blonde vs Brunette thing, since I like them both haha

    • Aaah yes, youtube. I just think it’s stupid and I should get to post for free here. Take that feedback wordpress!!
      And you really are the go-to girl for hair! Yup, not clue what i’m gonna do…. maybe i’ll be bi… blonde in summer and brunette in winter!

  2. I will love in whatever color you decide to go with however, I’m liking the brunette on you. Face it, it happens to all little girls, they grow up and the blonde turns brown. Embrace your now natural brunette. It’s a sign of your maturity and sophistication.
    Love you, any which way you are!

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