That’s how my yesterday was.  Ridiculous.  Bananas.  I had an AWESOME day yesterday, I don’t even know where to begin.

Paul made me begin my day by working out because I was having leg spasms this morning because I just can’t remember the last time I was this excited!!  Except for when I found the perfect grey yarn on Tuesday at Michael’s for Ike’s next dog sweater.

It’s almost too much info to share at once, and I don’t want you to hyperventilate.  I’m gonna start with a break down for you and then will do follow up posts.

1. I got an email from this amazing coordinator whom I j’adore and it felt like clouds parted from the heavens because she gave me words of encouragement.

2. I went to the inpirational Cream event last night for all the coolest people in the bridal biz… I didn’t quite fit in, but I wore a cute dress and tried really hard to seem chic.

me jillian and lindsay!

3. I went to a 75 person Jason Mraz listening event and went up and had a little ol’ chat with J after (that’s what I call him) and we talked about his hippie hair and how thrilled and honored he was that “I’m Yours” was our wedding first dance.  Did not mention that JT came in for a little remix… didn’t want him to feel over-stepped.

4. We went to a killer concert at the Hollywood Cemetery where Emeli Sande blew my socks off.  She ALSO was in med school to be a neuro-surgeon.  Beat that Matt.  Guess some people get it all…..

5. I joined the forces of facebook.  Yes, I said it.  PLEEEEEASE LIKE ME!!!!  I have 4 likes at this very moment.  Biz purposes only, but still… it’s a huge step for me.  Christina Logan Design. FIND IT!

And I am going to leave you with the quote of the week by Jillian Rose:

“Tonight was kinda like meeting Ryan Gosling and making out with him only to see that he’s not that great a kisser.”

sorry ryan.  i’d still give it a try tho just to make sure…. just sayin’.



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