Quick trips

It was a crazy ass weekend ya’all.  i’m southern now thanks to a) marrying a southerner and b) my big redneck vacation*** highly recommended programming.  Also, I’ve come to realize I suck at hyperlinking… so if they don’t work, google bing it.  (for you raf).

It started with Ike and me playing at the park up from Paul’s work as we impatiently waited for him to leave work.  It was a race against the sun to get up to Salinas bc my headlight is out and I refuse to pay $500 (seriously) to fix it.  Sunset time was approx. scheduled for 6.04pm which gave us no time to dilly-dally with a 5 hour drive ahead.  Ike got energy out, peed, pooped, I got gas (ahem, for the car) and we stalked the viacom building waiting for a dude in a hoodie and glasses to walk by.

Forced to turn on our lights at 6.07pm, we were a mere 5 miles from Lulu’s when we saw a cop at a red light.  He turned the other way and we coasted to the victory line at 6.15pm.

We celebrated Grandma’s birthday Saturday, with a ridiculous feast including a roasted pig,tongan dancing and brownie overload (maybe that was just me).   But probably my favorite thing about this was how sharp my dad looked.  i noticed his shirt right away, but it was when i inspected the tag is when i got REAL excited!  My dad was pimped a Sean John t-shirt.  And then I had to tell him who Sean John was.  But he did look good!

Nothing finishes off a killer 90th birthday party in the nation’s artichoke capital, like visiting the enormous artichoke itself… along with big fruit filled with fruit.  i  had many a childhood visits to the great vegetable.

After a nutritious Sunday morning brunch at ihop, i test drove a hyundai (we are in the market to replace my audi) then we hit the rode once more.  home before nightfall.  nothing like some qt with the fam.  it went so fast.


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