family meals

I am not a gourmand.  At all.  I do love to cook though, but it’s mainly things that I just make up because I don’t have 90% of the things in a recipe.  I’m big on substitution, and this is why (as we discovered on Valentine’s Day) that I am a horrible baker.

I cook p-lo dinner every night, because that’s part of the deal.  Sprained wrist, neck surgery and tiredness aside, he almost always does the dinner dishes.  Two most important things when I move: dishwasher and laundry machine.

I am SO lucky that one of my brothers lives about half an hour away (ie. 1.25 hours in traffic).  Even more luck is that he and his wife are killer cooks and somehow I convince them to have us over once a month for dinner!  Last Friday, we had TWO types of home made burgers… one beef with more fixings than any burger I’ve ever had, one turkey with a greek twist to it, and yummy sides that I wasn’t quick enough to catch on film!  All I had to do was bring corn and wine!  Best part?  We were sent home with leftovers!

yummy burgers

The next night, before my birthday, Paul agreed to make me dinner.  Pretty great deal for me to have two homemade meals in a week that I’m not preparing.  I had even pulled out ground turkey that morning so we’d have something defrosting and he wouldn’t have to think to hard.  We’ll just say I’m not the only creative one in the household.  I took a peak into the kitchen, and this is what was on the  stove top:  turkey, black beans, fried rice, bell peppers, and corn.  Just aaaaaall mixed up together.

Yeah.  Who wins Top Chef 2012?  Not Mr. Logan.


2 thoughts on “family meals

  1. Tina- thx so much for the chef compliments. You are too kind. I must say I am very much like you in the making up recipe department. But wow, Paul takes the cake. This post has me laughing out loud. How was this hodge-Podge dish anyway. Edible? Haha. It’s the thought that Counts though right! Nice effort Paul! Xo

    • Yup! He is a real creative person in the kitchen… wasn’t sure if i was getting asian or mexican for dinner… not that you see much ground turkey in asian dishes!!! like i said, we’re happy to come over ANY time!!!! xoxo

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