matching baby and pup

So it started out that I loved Caleb’s 49er jersey because I have the cutest nephew ever and who doesn’t love little boy athletes?  But clearly, football season was going quickly, so I had think on my feet and jump ahead to spring.  Thinking the SF giants.  Now I know that the spring isn’t really time for beanies, but since I only know how to make beanies and dog sweaters, I am limited in what I can make.  Maybe by next year I can make him a tank-top out of yarn.  I’m sure he will be the most popular kid around.

THEN, I had an idea (and a lot of extra yarn), and decided to make Ike a matching outfit.  Because what is cuter than Caleb?  Caleb AND Ike matching.  So this is my work.  It was finished this week just in time for him to wear for the upcoming season…. and then double again as use for a Halloween Costume.  Now I just need to make on for Coda…. not sure I have enough yarn.

what the heck mom? i'm cute too!

I am adorable and have the cutest face ever.


2 thoughts on “matching baby and pup

  1. Caleb loves his beanie (thanks Aunt Tina) and can’t wait to match with Ike. They will have it covered if the Giants play on Halloween (post-season, baby!). Coda appreciates the inclusive sweater thoughts.

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