the perfect lamp

I am on an eternal quest for my dream home apartment. I love to flip through home catalogues more than clothing ones and I love to decorate and make things pretty. I think paul almost killed me when I ‘stole’ a platter at our christmas white elephant. what can I say, I didn’t have one just like that one, so I needed it.

My desk lamp has been my latest obsession. I had a cardinal one on it for a long time, until we painted our walls blue, so that didn’t match. Then I put my old college lamp on it and it felt like we should be studying late into the night. Then I bought one at ikea, and who knows if I will ever make it back down there to return it, and it was too small. So I thought about buying a matching one to my crate and barrel lamp but that was too big.

And then. I found. A trio of lamps. It was like hallelujah chorus in the target aisle. I mean, I had looked online, macy’s, target, home goods, c&b, c&b2, and nothing (read: in my price range) that i liked. And there, I found three options. I immediately had to line them up for Paul’s opinion. I even switched the shades on two of them so he had a better variety. He wrote back, “great!”. Glad it was keeping him up at night too.

Alas, I went with my instincts, settled on one, and have since enjoyed the light that has enveloped my desk!


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