Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jill and I wanted to make a little Valentine’s day project.  Since I love to bake, I decided that I would make cookies and we could bring them to vendors and venues that we wanted to work with.  Jill was the brains behind the operation, so I decided to do the leg work since I had free time.

It was only once I started unsuccessfully making heart shaped blobs that I remembered that I have been a horrible baker my whole life.  The countless cookie muffins I made growing up that my dad would gauk at (but still eat!).  And this is what it turned out to be.

Sooooooo, Jill had to be the brains again since my cookies were totally unusable.  Store bought!  We got cute (better) heart shaped cookies with frosting and tied them in bags with our cards (Home in Harmony and Jillian Rose Photography) and the cutest boxes from Michaels which were filled with love candy! What an idea…. next time, definitely will be the first option.  What a waste.  Or great use for Paul and Corey who will be the ones eating the cookies.  Saving the day, this is what we (okay, more she) came up with!  Happy V day tomorrow!!!


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