My day to day life

Well, I think I may have hit a new chapter in marriage.  I’ve taken care of paul when he’s sick or had surgery.  I’ve cooked and cleaned b/c he’s too weak to follow through.  I’ve tolerated being stabbed in the back by his plastic knife splint.  But this morning, we crossed a new bridge.

I was packing his lunch and frustrated that I bought an enormous bag of clementines (which he loves) for him to eat. Daily.  Clearly he missed the memo bc there are still tons.  So when I told him this, he said that he can’t peel them.  He is uncapable with his current disability.  Despite the fact that he is the only person I know with a built in knife on hand – literally.  What does he ask then?  “Will you peel them for me.”  I thought that I had at least 5 years and a child ahead of me before I would be peeling cuties (they’re supposed to be kid friendly for easy peel, right?!).  Never the less.  I actually peeled Paul’s clementines this morning.  Yes, this is my life.

Another fun, life occurrence happened this week. There are a few large things I’ve had great luck on in my life… my family, my few but fabulous friends, my excellent husband, my adorable dog and the beach down the street.  I feel so lucky for these great things in my life.

On a day to day basis, however…. not so lucky. At a friend’s house, she said “park out front, there’s no street cleaning because of construction.  there are signs everywhere.”  So I park out front.  What happens?  I am the ONLY car on the ENTIRE BLOCk who gets a ticket.  Really.  She didn’t, her husband didn’t, the 15 other cars on the same side of the road didn’t.  Juuuuuust me.  Really.  $64.

Santa Monica Parking Dept, here I come!


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