Sunday bloody sunday

Okay, well maybe there wasn’t blood, but there might as well have been.

The lovely Jillian and I were doing a stylized engagement shoot at Malibu Country Club.  The boys were playing a round of golf courtesy of the fabulous Beth, and all was good with the world.  That is, until someone let P-lo in the driver’s seat.  Literally.

What could go wrong, the boy has been playing golf since he was 8.  Oh yeah.. that whole keep your eyes on the road thing.  Paul managed to t-bone another golf cart as Corey, Jill’s husband, jumped out of shot-gun right before the crash.  Thank God no one from the other cart tried to jump out because he would certainly killed someone.

So, he was left with a scratched up arm, a sprained finger, and some cosmetic damage on the cart.  Go to a doctor?  No no, that’s silly.  Paul will just fasten his on splint out of plastic knives and tape.  Now he has the perfect excuse to not do dishes after dinner.  Or cook.  Well, at least he’s crafty.


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