So I realize to some people this a controversial topic, and to that I apologize, because I really don’t want to use my blog for that.  I prefer to just write about frivolous shit or stupid things that Paul does because he’s at least still cute while he’s doing it… until today when I got annoyed.  Rather than take it out on the teller at Ralph’s (who clearly is not in charge), I thought I’d get some thoughts out on my blog and hear what you have to say.

Reusable bags.  Great idea.  Love it.  I keep 2-4 in my car.  I force Paul to keep them in his car and give him mean, long, scowling looks and roll my eyes big time when he “forgets” and i have 5000 plastic bags at home.  However, we do reuse them.  Gotta pick up Ike’s shit with something, so I use fruit bags for that, regular plastic bags for bathroom trash, the paper bags for our recycling, and any extras I bring to the appropriate bin for recycling because I care about our environment.  


So why am I annoyed?  Because everyone’s favorite teller told me today that in 2012 California is making it a law that you have to pay for bags if you don’t bring your own.  This.  Is. Ridiculous.  Hey, I am ALL about restoring the environment and saving trees etc etc etc..  But really?  I just spent $200 in your store and you’re telling me if I forgot my bags at home or I need 6 bags instead of 4, I have to PAY for the extra bags?  If I go to Nordstroms and buy $200 worth of clothes, I’d be pissed if they said that I now had to pay for bags to carry the merchandize I just bought from them (but could have gotten at Macy’s) to my car.  Really, in my opinion, if it’s a California law, then the store should have to pay for the bags.  Why?  Because I just dropped $200 bucks and the least you could do is help me get the bags home!

Let me make clear that is not my opinion to not care at all or to not try and help or not “do my part”.  I just don’t want to have to pay for bags if I forget my own, because I go to the store a LOT and that is going to add up one of these days.  Just sayin’.

Alright, go ahead, release you’re opinions because I know you have them and they’re festering inside like a monkey trying to get out of a cage.  You can say how much you hate me and how horrible it is that I want to kill trees even though that is NOT what I’m saying and I LOVE  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE trees.  I just also love it when they help me pick up Ike’s poop and take out the recycling and gets my crap to my house (err, apt). 


4 thoughts on “Bags

  1. I keep three reusable bags in my car and try to use them as much as possible. I believe we all should, in an effort to protect the environment. That said, I completely agree that it is RIDICULOUS that California is imposing a law that one will have to pay for bags if one forgets them. What really gets me upset about this though is that California’s lawmakers are once again imposing on our freedom of choice. If a grocery store wants to charge their guests for bags, fine, that’s their freedom to do so and customers can decide if they want to go there or not. But to be FORCED to do so by the government is such an abuse of governmental power, that I’m sickened. One more reason for businesses to leave California…

  2. Ok I totally agree. But my problem is that I have a million bags and half of the time I forget them in the car. Maybe California is punishing us forgetful people in hopes they will force us to be more responsible and take the time to go back to the damn car for the bags!

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