Photo Shoot Day!!!!!

Today was a GREAT day!  First of all, I was all a twinkle-toes and wasn’t even annoyed that paul woke me up at 6.45 am b/c he was going to play golf.  awesome. not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to wake up that early to play golf. $#!&*?

Anyway, back to me awake.  Why was I so excited?  Because today the glorious Jillian and I planned a monumental, never been done before, photo shoot.  Okay, maybe it’s been done before, but ours was special because it was OURS and we’ve thought about this kinda shit a million times before and finally we put our words into action!

After shopping and researching and googling and shopping and begging, we had a shoot and a lot of donated time, talent and product to which we are SO grateful.  A killer assistant, a fab make-up artist, a gorgeous model bride and cute model groom…. a florist, a baker, another baker and a rental company later, we were set!  Oh yeah, and Jill and me running around trying to set up, force feed people bagels and coffee and make a killer crafty feaux wedding shoot!

What came was beautiful and I think Jill and I high-fived at our own genius more times than Ike poops in a day (a lot).

Of course you must wait for the photos, but here is a few pics of the chaos before the serenely beautiful set-up that both Jill and I wish we had at our own weddings.

Oh, and then I died my hair.  I’M A BRUNETTE?!?!?!  Weird.  Pics to come, don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who is seeing me this weekend!!!!


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