babies and dogs

that is what my life is full of. babies and dogs.  everyone i know has em and if you don’t, you’re about to have one, and if you still don’t…. well then you’re a phenom (yes you, phenom).

these are the only places i know and these are my observations.  paul would call them blanket statements, i would call them the truth in general terms if you don’t always care about being exact:

in arizona they get dogs right away and then they have babies right after (because they can afford to have 4 dogs, 3 cats, a chinchilla and two rug rats on my salary).

in norcal they have babies and opt for a dog in a few years (because they want a picture perfect family with 3 kids that are responsible, and then they get a dog that the kids take care of).

in oregon they are too cold to have a baby survive, so they have to time it correctly.  they get farm animals and/or dogs and make crafts instead until the time is warm enough for a child.

in la they don’t want to even think about kids until they’re early thirties and they treat their dogs like family. because they are. obviously.  who else quietly waits to just be cuddled with? not your kids.

in ny they get married in their mid thirties, can’t afford a dog and can’t afford children, so they wait until their mid-forties.

i know the two people reading this are saying that they didn’t follow this pattern.  well then you get a gold star and then you should move to the appropriate city/state.

and this is why i knit only baby hats and dog sweaters.

here is my latest baby hat
and this is paul assisting me in winding my ball of yarn for ike’s christmas sweater.  i may have forgotten to do this in the store and made paul being my own person gadget.
because for the next 10 years that all i need to know how to knit.  then maybe i’ll make paul something, like a poncho… something that doesn’t really need arm holes.  he’ll deserve it by then.  shouldn’t the 10 year anniversary gift be ‘yarn’ anyway? who wants tin?
though i could get crafty and make him a toothbrush holder or a house….

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