yesterday was a long day of football.  really long.  we started by pulling up the Penn state game at 9am, ran a few errands at halftime (and btw, my new duvet that we got from our registry was already pilling.  kinda bs if you ask me so we were forced to buy a new one b/c these expensive things should last longer than 4 months,  and we didn’t like it as much and now i’m having doubts, plus i don’t think i like the throw pillows with it.  yes, i’m aware it needs ironing, this is a test, so back off. thoughts?)

back to football.  so then at 12.30 we started the usc game, and thank god they were doing really well b/c even though i was sitting in front of the tv the whole time, i was desperately knitting hoping that i could finish ike’s usc sweater in time for at least 2 more games this season. so we won, yay, and i kept knitting. but really, it was homecoming, so we were supposed to win and it would have been pathetic if we didn’t.

and then we saw the ucla game which they gratefully lost–for me because i just like it and for paul because he had some theory going on yesterday how it would help his team.  then we watched the stanford/oregon game that was pretty ridiculous.  i mean, how do they run so fast.  paul proceeded to say they don’t run, they “dance”, and then show me their moves in our 4×2″ open space of our living room.

and the asu game at 7.30.  i should really skip over that b/c
a) i finished ike’s sweater so i was so incredibly stoked that i could barely watch the game
b) i maybe kinda fell asleep at the end of it (who has games at 7.30 pm that go until 11???)
c) they lost and paul really didn’t want to talk about it.  at all.

and even ike was really grumpy to be honest.  he looked really cute asleep curled up in our pendleton blanket on paul’s lap, but he was pretty pissed that i woke him up to put his new sweater on.  talk about ungrateful.  he even bared his teeth.  i put some smack down on him though and it won’t happen again.

plus he loved his sweater, he was showing it off all morning prancing around and posing nice and warm.  i know.




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