oh h&m.

unbelievable. h&m that is.  i mean, fashion at an affordable price?  great deal.  you’ll just leave with a few issues, however.  like me, today, when i was wearing my brand new white cardigan that i have been looking for for MONTHS and finally found at the fab h&m facility in santa monica.

i couldn’t had been more excited, the only probably was when my co-worker and i were going to have lunch and she says “ummm, do you know you still have a sensor on your shirt?” what the hell.  and of course, i look down, and on my back right side there is a lovely beige sensor.  it is probably worth more than the cardigan is, so i’m not quite sure why they put it on there. and here i am, walking around for the first half of the day with a sensor on.  am i shocked though?  nope, not at all.  do i take off my cardigan? nope, not at all.  i figure the damage has been done, and plus, it really is cardigan weather.
there’s a wide range of problems when it comes to h&m. i was there this summer buying a swimsuit for the honeymoon and i had to buy a size ten.  ten? really? i mean, i’m no size zero anymore, but ten?  i just want to see who is actually wearing the size 0.  or 2.
alas, we put up with it because the fashion is unbeatable at that great of a price.  and plus it’s founded by swedish and everything is more fun when it comes from a far away land because you feel like you are being trendier than you actually are. no, you are not unique, sorry.  but go buy h&m and you’ll feel like you are!

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