We went to church today.  Yes mom, you can be very happy.  But let me set the premise….

Paul, who has the most days off work of any full time worker i’ve ever met, took Friday off to participate in the Corpus Christi Golf Classic.  A $275 per player fundraiser for our church.  Before you think we have that kind of money, let me share that P-lo volunteered to drive one of the shuttle buses so he could play for free.

After a full day of bonding in the rain on the Malibu Golf Course (he left at 9.30am and came home at 10pm), he decided that we should go to church because he wanted to see some of his new friends that he’d made.  I think he got a few “oh, we’ve never seen you at church before”‘s, and a few “are you old enough to drive the shuttle van?”‘s.

So as we sit there, and Paul silently stands and sits next to me on cue, I reminisce over some of my favorite Paul Goes to Church stories.  Thought I’d share a few.

1.  The first time we went to mass together 4 years ago, a friend from college, Joe, happened to be at the same mass with his girlfriend and they sat in the pew with us.  As time came to give peace, Paul turns to the girlfriend and says: “Hi, I’m Paul”, to which she replies, “Peace be with you”.  Paul stumbles out a peace.  Then he turns to Joe not having learned his lesson, and says “Hi, I’m Paul”, to which he replies, “Peace be with you”.  Strike two.  One day he will introduce himself to the entire congregation.

2.  I realize that in mass in Mexico I have no clue what the priest is saying.   Paul, however, not only doesn’t pay attention, but I actually caught him practicing his golf swing in the pew.  And then he leaned over and asked if I thought they would hire him to set up a new speaker system, to which I reminded him that this is a church, not really a place looking to hire someone.

3.  Every time, right before communion, he turns to me and says: “what do I say again?”  I mean really.  Amen.  Not too tough to remember.

Needless to say, I think that his favorite part today was communion because he was “hungry”.  And of course, he eyed the sprinkled donuts at the end…. fortunately for the kids he left them alone.

He was very happy that both his partners from Friday were at mass and he could get some face time in.  Very proud of him!  Oh, and he did get a prize for the longest drive, so he was pretty excited about it.


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