So we have been a little distracted lately at the Logan household.  Two weeks ago we were in norcal, last week we had a houseguest and went to Disneyland.

Seems like we finally had a restful weekend…. except we went out for Halloween on Friday, went out to dinner on Saturday (where we proceeded to never enter the dining room and eat the whole dinner in the bar watching the USC game), and then last night at 5pm we decided to start to paint our apartment.  Well thought out timing, I know.

So, it was an interesting evening full of shoving around furniture, trying to lay down tarp and trying to reassure Ike that we were still in the same place.  he was and is still pretty terrified.  He is just hanging out in the bathroom.  Pretty pathetic.  I thought he was stronger than that. I’m really kind of embarrassed that this is my dog.  Named Ike.  Sad.

Alas, the color we chose is Lake Cottage, and Paul isn’t 100% sold… but he says he trusts me… which really just means that he can blame me entirely if it looks awful when we’re done.

This is good-bye to cherry cobbler…


All primed up!!!  So now I need some opinions…. we bought the sample of Lake Cottage, and I did a “swab” of the wall.  Okay, I may have done more than a swab which could really just result in more priming, but I really wanted to get a feel of it and live with it for a day before I made any more decisions.

So give me any thoughts so I know if I should proceed!!!


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