and i’m back.

at work that is.  not that i ever stopped working, but that whole 8-5 thing again.  so much nicer not having to wake up to an alarm clock… still working on that master plan.

in the meantime, my job is a place that i never thought i’d be.  it’s in fashion, but that’s not why… it’s b/c for once in my life i am on the  other side of the table.  i actually did a model casting yesterday and i had to choose who to cast.  i feel horrible and disgusted.  i mean come on!  it’s not like we’re choosing girls off the street here.  we have a plethora of GORGEOUS girls named names like Yasmine, Jasmine, Simone, Papa, Olga and Mena Lovin (no we were not casting for porn, that was actually her name).

So you tell me how ridiculous it is that we had to choose which certified model b/w 5’8″ and 5’11” was best… and keep in mind this is for a website modeling clothes, so only their jawlines will likely show.

yeah. impossible.  i almost died when we nixed some size 2/4 model because she was ‘curvy’.  brutal. i will be wearing a smock to work for all of next week.

so, who did i go with?  my model alter-ego.  totally chose two girls that i would want to look like if i were a model.  5’10, size 2, dark chocolate flow-y brown hair and light green eyes. what i look like on my good days.

hey, at least these girls were around 18.  the girls they cast last time were only 15.  no WONDER when i order clothes online they don’t exactly look like on me how they did on the model…


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