i’m a sucker…

for the biggest loser.

can i just say that I already teared up when they finished their first challenge??  it was beautiful… them all running together to cross the finish line as one… cue emotional music… enter anna kornikova… holding hand and hugging….

music really sets the scene; that’s what paul does for a living.  brings the emotion to the scene through music… except instead of having life changing moments like losing weight together, paul helps Basketball Wives talk smack and beat each other up.  but with such gusto (and did i mention it pays the bills???).

and bob.. oh bob.  paul insists bob is gay, i consider him my sexy trainer version of paul with a southern accent.  love bob.  yay new season of biggest loser!

but seriously… anna, you need to prove yourself ’cause right now you’re not doing it for me.


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