Foggy Verbage Leads to Inconclusive Bet Results


due to the vague guidelines of what the definition of “dangerous” is and other terms in the bet’s bi-laws, it has come to my attention from mr. logan that i will not be receiving said massages that were due to me.

but let me set the scene… 7.00am and we’re half awake driving to beverly hills to paul’s fancy dr. perfect.  i can barely sip my instant coffee b/c i’m so tired, and paul has volunteered to come to see me along (also b/c he unspokenly thinks i’ll cheat).

we roll into this place on robertson blvd. and the reception starts her general greeting with out looking up until she glimpses the sight of spiky blonde hair and madmen glasses: “Paaaaaaul!  Good morning, how are you?  Nice to see you”.

To me: “please fill out the form”.

The door to the hallway opens, it’s a medical assistant: “Hey Paul, what’s up?  How you doin’?”

Paul: “Hey Juan, good to see ya man!”  Really?  ‘Man’?

Paul’s bff Juan takes us back to our room where I have to put on my gown (I didn’t realize he meant FULL body exam) and we wait. P and I both close our eyes and fall into a light rest, when suddenly the door opens and a beam of light shines through.  I am blinded except for the outline of a tall man with gleaming white teeth.

In enters Dr. Majestic.

“Paul!!!” I am getting a feeling that Paul to the dermatologist office equates Norm to Cheers.

“And you must be Christina, I have heard so much about you!”… likewise…

after a half an hour seminar on skin, the sun and common misconceptions, I had my exam.  I would like to say, that on my ENTIRE body, there were two teeeny tiny freckle/moles (one on each arm) that though not dangerous, would make him feel better if we removed them.

But of course after our 40 minute lecture series by Dr. Fab, he didn’t have time to do it so we have to go back.  so he and paul hugged it out on their departure, promised to text love notes later and chat on facebook.

THUS, the result of the matter is that while I am NOT in ANY harms way, yet I will get two microscopic freckles removed just to let my husbands’ mind be at ease, thus meaning I suppose Paul was not incorrect.  But I still do not think of it has him winning.




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