Paul’s mom gave him cooking classes for two Christmas’s in a row.  For six weeks he would go learn, prep, cook and eat, and then come home and rave about class.  I thought this was an awesome gift because I would receive the benefits of it!  I have tried two different meals from his classes.

I taught Paul how to make eggs when we started dating.  He makes them for me every weekend.  I’m thinking money well spent should have gone into p’s mom buying us a chicken instead of cooking classes.

So now, since eggs are his thing every Saturday morning, he gets all hurt if i don’t want eggs, like i just crushed his toy truck or something.

Last week I went to the market like normal for groceries and got some eggs amongst other things.  Paul, obviously excited that my mom was coming in town and he could cook her breakfast, also decided to go buy some eggs for breakfast.  Please look at how many eggs were in our refrigerator.

Really Paul?  THAT many eggs?!  I already bought the 18 pack, and there’s only 2 of us… so with three people we needed 30 more egg.  Yeah.  At least we’re getting our protein.


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