Who doesn’t like chocolate!?

Okay, I know someone out there (one of my few followers) is thinking “well i don’t really like chocolate”, but you can just be quiet because that was a rhetorical question and I really don’t want to hear it.

Back to my point.

I love chocolate.  In fact, I have a little dish of chocolate morsels for dessert most nights because they are nibble size and delicious just enough to satisfy my craving.

This on the other hand is a ridiculously obnoxiously unnecessary large amount of chocolate:




That is one pound my friends.  And who do you think has one??  Paul.  It was given to him because I guess one late drunk night in NY two weeks ago, the store was closed when P really wanted chocolate.  This was a gift from his co-worker.  Who actually eats that??




This is his just about empty wrapper.  I had to snap some shots before he threw it away. I took a picture of my hand next to it so you could see the size to scale (and I have really long fingers, which means it’s extra huge).




And the most annoying part of it all?  He isn’t going to feel guilty and he’s not going to gain any weight.  Punk.  I hope our future children get his metabolism.


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