Redbox machine broken? Shocker.

Redbox is great… most of the time.  As I am discovering, like Tumblr, it seems to not be working a lot.  Some days you are stoked, great movies, happy times, other days it is “out of order” “come back in a little while” “full, please return to another location”.

After an exciting night “in” watching a The Company (featuring Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Chris Christopherson… all star-cast, eh kinda movie), I went to return it this morning at Ralph’s-the exact same location I got it from 12 hours earlier. This time there was a handwritten sign on the machine saying “will work in 2 days”.  Perfect.  Slightly annoyed because now I have to drive across town to find another location since I live out of the way of everything, I go on to do pick up my few basic items to make breakfast at home.

Now I know when I get to the register, the guy doesn’t actually care how I am when he asks, “how are you this morning?”, but I figure if he’s brave enough to ask, he should deal with the answer.  So I told him, “honestly, kind of annoyed that the redbox machine isn’t working”.  Now, I’m a simple person.  If you sympathize with me or empathize with me, I will let something go.  A kind “Yes, ma’am, I’m so sorry it’s not working and it’s creating an inconvenience for you” would have sufficed to make me feel okay and move one.  I mean I realize there’s nothing this kid can do about it, but…

This is not what he said.  Instead, he said “oh, well we don’t work with redbox so we don’t know that information”.  Hmmm.  Obviously you kinda do work with redbox.  But I said “okay, where is the next closest location I can return this at?”  He said “I don’t know, I don’t live here”.  Now call me crazy, but wouldn’t the obvious step for customer service be to find the next several closest locations so you can tell your guests (that you have inconvenienced) where they can go to return the movies they rented from YOUR store?

I get it.  Redbox is it’s own entity.  But if Ralph’s or any other location is being paid by Redbox to rent space in their store, then maybe they should take a liiiiittle responsibility for the device and the customers who are using it.

Now just like Tumblr I have no plans to stop using Redbox for it’s inconveniences, but I would prefer if Ralph’s grew some balls and just apologized for the machine rather than try and deny any connection to it.

See, I knew you’d understand, and now I feel free to drop it 🙂


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