Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Ever since getting home from the honeymoon, P-Lo (his rapper name) and I have been busy every night getting caught up on “things”.  Fixing bills, getting wedding videos uploaded, checking out mexico pictures (totally get now how fb can be addicting), getting thank-you’s together, changing my name, etc etc.  So we have been going to bed a little later than I’d prefer in my old age.  Yes, I like to be in bed before 11 because if I get less than 9 hours of sleep you don’t want to know me.


However, last night after finally hitting the sack, P-lo decides that he is just too, and I quote, “riled up” to fall asleep.  Rather than just thinking of things in his head and being lullued to sleep by the humm of the motorcycless driving by on Sunset Blvd, he decides to lie on top of me and cling to me for dear life like a praying mantis.  Now I have never encountered a praying mantis, but this is what he himself declares to be doing.  Next, he starts making a high-pitched trilling noise of the tongue.  Also a characteristic I knew not to belong to a praying mantis.  Yet this is my husband.  Sure enough, I google praying mantis today, and look at this sucker squeezing the life out of his pray!  This is how I felt in bed last night.  Only the pray at least gets to die.  I had to endure this.

After a few bear noises, some earthquakes and unnecessary tickling, he wore himself out and fell asleep.  It’s like living with a puppy.


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