i’m so crafty!

Okay i’m not that crafty, but my friend told me to post my crafts so I thought i would.

I bought this killer black, leather nine west purse that I needed because believe it or not, I don’t own a black purse.  I own a little black purse for dates and such, but not a functional black purse.  So I’m pretty stocked when I get this one, it’s the right size, the right strap, the right style…

And then I get home and there are no inside pockets!  WTF?  Of course I bought at an outlet in Carmel and can’t return it. But really, had the designer ever even MET a woman?! Pockets are completely essential to help sort the goods.  It has one teeny tiny zipper pocket, but nothing on the opposite side. Not outside pockets.  Nada.

Determined to make the best of my recent unreturnable investment, I looked around the apartment for something to make pockets out of.  The problem?  I’m a purger.  I like to get rid of things.  The solution: Paul.  He gets rid of nothing.  Of course I am working on this and he is doing better, but we have a long way to go.

Sure enough, he offers up a shirt that he no longer wears, and it is perfect.  Not only is it black, but it says praises Cali (okay fine, the whole west coast, but still).  Love it.

The result, perfect pockets for my purse!  two phone size pockets and one for lipgloss and pen!  Damn I should be a designer.  Thanks for the T sugar!





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