“Ikea is better”

Never did I think I would hear these words.  It all began with our gift registry…

At my bridal shower in the spring, my girlfriends gave me shit for not registering for enough “stuff”.  Let me start by saying that registering sounds like loads of fun.  You get to get rid of all your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom things and get brand new shiny and sparkling ones.  Great, right?  Well it should be that way, except I have this annoying habit of feeling guilty about spending money.  Ridiculous, I know.  So the thought of asking people to send me gifts, choose which ones, and know how expensive they are, just makes me cringe.  It’s sick, it’s a problem, and yes, I too hope my husband realizes how lucky he is (If you are reading this, this does not apply to jewelry).

After going through this lists, Casey suggested registering for furniture.  Not because people will buy it, but because after your wedding you get a 10% off completion coupon – if you need furniture, might as well get a discount.  Killer idea, so we did.

Flash foward to present time and our Target book shelf that I just looooved b/c it looks like a cool jig-saw puzzle arrived yesterday.  The box was so heavy I had to wait for p-lo to get home to drag it in.  High quality real wood, right?  We start assembling, Paul doing the actual application, me disecting the instructions and preparing the pieces for his next manuever.  Excellent team work.  First married project, we were so proud.

That is until we decide to move the bookshelf.  Our bedroom doesn’t have enough floorspace to lay everything out while assembling, so we put together the whole middle of the shelf’s body in the family room/living room/dining room/only other room in our apt besides the bedroom.  But our doorways are small so we wanted to put the final two sides together IN the bedroom so that way we don’t bump the walls and doorframe.

As we pick up the body to the shelf and start to walk, the whole thing just collapses.  Breaks, falls apart, dies right out of our hands.  The worst part is that of course the mid-section didn’t fall on the ground—it fell right on one of the side boards breaking a massive hole into it.

Enter quote: “Ikea is better”.

A lot of superglue, colored stickers, a hammer and a few hours later, P-lo and I pulled off our first married-couple home project.




Yes, the books are supposed to be color coordinated.


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