holy goat

I was talking recently with my friend that lives in New York and she was saying how she rarely notices things anymore as she strolls the streets (no, she is not a hooker).  Whether it be a guy ninja fighting an invisible opponent in the streets or someone playing a piano in the subway (how did he get said mysterious piano down into the subway), there is little that phases us anymore.  There are countless times I have gone to cross the street and someone is cursing at the ghost next to me or singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ over a PA system (oh Leo, you are not what you once were, but you are still cute in my book).

So when I go downtown on Friday night to visit a friend, needless to say, the fact that I stopped and pointed was not lost on me.  Goats.  Tons and tons of goats in the middle of downtown. I have no clue where these goats came from or why they were there, but they took up a whole corner of a block.  The funniest part, my friend that I was visiting didn’t even notice the hillside of goats until I pointed it out!  So maybe my move two years ago into the burb part of town makes me more atune to the bizarreness that is La La Land.  But seriously, what were goats doing downtown?







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