Drive Safely!

I am Vanilla Ice.  If you gotta problem, I’ll solve it.  I am a sew it, tape it, make-it-work kinda person.

My lovely sister-in-law is in town visiting LA to do some creative/inspiration/investigative searching on opening up her own sewing studio.  She drove 8 hours down here.  With this for a mirror.

Really?? It cost $300 to fix…. I get it since I have no money, so I’m not going to tell her to fix it…  But this is bananas.  I drove her around all of los angeles in it to 7 different shops across town and thought I was going to be killed by another car, ooooooh, about 6 times.

That is where the my special fix comes into play.  My original idea was to get a big handheld mirror, smash it open to get the mirror out of the plastic and insert it into place.  Paul told me that the probability of a good outcome with this as my plan was small, (not to mention I could go without the bad luck of breaking a mirror) so I had to buy a smaller one. $8 at CVS and at least we can get around town with out dying.  I am a fix-it ninja.

Okay I know the real good idea here would be to just buy a new mirror, but really, points for creativity please?!


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